Friday, February 10, 2017

When Rock Bottom Hits

Carol's report from our first night of Don't Walk By 2017:

As we walked down one of the long corridors of Penn Station, we saw an elderly man poking bags of trash with his cane. He was obviously looking for food, so we approached him to invite him back to the church for a warm meal. Our friendly invitation really cheered him up because he was having a horrible day. Just a few hours earlier he lost his glasses and then someone pick-pocketed him while he was sleeping on the train and stole his ID. He was at rock bottom. “I feel like God isn’t hearing my prayers.”, he said. After getting robbed, he was considering jumping in front of a train and ending his life. We prayed for him and he gave us a big, toothless grin. Meeting him that day was God’s intervention into his life diverting him from his suicidal plans. This is why we make ourselves available to the Lord, because he sees each person and wants to reach them in their moment of need!