Friday, November 10, 2017

Breaking out of Comfort Zones

The men's group from a nearby church recently joined us for a day of street evangelism. I could tell they were getting nervous as we prepped them, but I also knew God would give them the grace to face their fears. Most of the teams we serve are often intimidated by the idea of street ministry because they don't have much (if any) experience. But we exist to come along side our fellow believers and help break them out of their comfort zone. In the end, these guys ended up having a great day and really appreciated the opportunity to serve with us.

Perhaps the most notable moment was when one of the more reserved members of the team was able to answer the questions of a curious Chinese man. He came up to the table asking us questions in Chinese, and so this young man from the team used his broken Chinese to explain what we were doing. The man was very confused about why Jesus had to die on the cross - like why did he have to die like that? Why not die from an illness? Why not burn to death or drown? The young man went on to use his broken Chinese to explain. "God planned out the death of Christ on the cross because that's how the Romans executed the worst of criminals. So when Jesus died on the cross it was not because he was a criminal, but because he was bearing the guilt and punishment of our sin - our crimes against God."

What an excellent answer! I was so proud of him for getting out of his comfort zone and talking to a stranger about Jesus.