Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"How Do I Pray?"

On our way in to Tompkins Square Park recently, we were praying for the day and those we would meet.  The Lord impressed that He was going to bring people who were searching for Him and eager to learn more about Him. 

A few people approached the truck asking for housing assistance; they currently live in a shelter.  A young woman chimed in, “And I really need prayer too.”  

After sharing with them the information, we took some time to talk a little more.  She told me, “I don’t know how to pray.  What do you do?  My son prays but I want to learn.”  

It was wonderful to share with her how we can talk to God about anything, even like a friend.  We can approach Him with any of our needs.  

We also talked about the Bible and the prayers in it, especially the Psalms.  “I don’t have a Bible.”  Thankfully, we always have Bibles on the truck to give away.  We blessed her with a new Bible and pointed her to the Psalms and the Gospel of John. 

Then we prayed and she went on her way.  We’re praying that this seed planted in her life will grow and flourish into a relationship with Jesus.  The Lord is faithful; He directed our prayers and answered it that day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bring the Right Buyer Lord


David was so excited about how the Lord answered prayer to bring an early inheritance to someone to help provide for the newer 12 passenger van, that he then offered another request.  "Lord, find just the right buyer for our van so that we can get the extra funds for the insurance and extra expenses and that it will be a blessing to someone else who really needs it".
David listed the van on Friday night in Facebook marketplace and some other online listings.  Late Saturday afternoon, he got a call from someone who sounded a little weary as if this might be his last "ditch effort" of finding what they were looking for.

He had a family of 14 and they lived in Pennsylvania.  Just last week, their van (almost identical to the one we listed) was hit and totaled.  His wife used it to drive the kids back and forth to school and other errands.  Needless to say, it became very difficult without that van because her husband's SUV only fit 8.  He happened to work for a dealership and was a mechanic.  WOW!

This seemed like it could be an answer to prayer.  They traveled from PA and were in New Jersey looking at vehicles, specifically one that they were excited about.  But when they got there, it wasn't anything like the listing and they were very disheartened and disappointed.  Not having a lot of funds and traveling with 7 of the young children, they were ready to give up and go home when the wife looked on Facebook Marketplace one more time and saw our ad.  She immediately called and ask if they could come and look.  It was night time and dark and we explained that it would be hard to see underneath the van and the issue with rusting but they could come if they wanted.

It wasn't long after they arrived, that the woman asked if they could use the bathroom.  One by one, all 7 kids came out of the SUV and we brought them into the house to use the bathroom and find relief from riding in a car all day.  And they both were so excited because it was very similar to their old van and they were more than able to make the repairs needed.  He had dealer plates with him, we negotiated a fair price which they paid in cash, and they drove back to Pennsylvania very satisfied that their time, effort, and waiting was well worth it for them.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Trust Me for an Early Inheritance

God Answers - 2017 Chevrolet 12 Passenger Van

During a 5 day fast, last Nov, the Lord spoke to David’s heart to TRUST HIM FOR AN EARLY INHERITANCE!  Not knowing what this fully meant, he immediately started praying.   "Lord, I am trusting You now to release an early inheritance to Street LIFE Ministries for your Kingdom.  I pray that someone will receive an early inheritance and make a gift to SLM, In Jesus Name." 

Within a few days, one of our long term supporters messaged David and asked him what our needs were at this time.  

Proud Recipient of a 2017 Chevrolet 12 Passenger Van
He shared some of our needs, one major one was a newer passenger van for SLM.  Our mechanic had been telling us for a while that our old one was very rusted out underneath and all 4 of our brake lines had rusted through this summer.  They also tore apart the van to try to fix the air conditioner and in the end, could not even find the part to get it working.  He managed to get the heat working at least.  So, this was something bigger than what we could afford and we started lifting that need up before the Lord. the conversation between this donor and David, WE RECEIVED A BLESSING.  The individual said they had come into an early inheritance and wanted to give toward the van that we needed.  The following week, we had a team from Ohio who rented a beautiful 12 passenger white van that happened to be for sale.  We received our miracle van!  You can trust the Lord who hears our prayers and moves upon the hearts of others who also may be praying and He answers!!!

Our old van which we found buyers
who were willing to fix it.
Our thanks go to the Lord and this donor for sowing into the Kingdom here in NYC! We also prayed that the right family would get the old one, and fix it and use it. (only had 38 K miles) God brought a family of 14 in total need, he was a mechanic and they came from PA, and bought it in less than 24 hours after we put on CL!!!

Brazil Comes to New York

For over 20 years, we have been traveling to Brazil to share the love of God on the streets.  We love the people and the fellow missionaries we work with.  Ana Gabriella came to Street LIFE Ministries in 2015 for a few months to learn English.  Since then, she has had the heart to bring Brazilians to New York to serve with Street LIFE Ministries so they may have a life changing experience as she did.   

She brought Anna, who is the daughter of one of the leaders in Belo Horizonte that we have worked with throughout the years.  It was her first time coming to New York without her parents.  Two other Brazilian women came with Gaby and they were "stretched" with the cold weather, rigorous SLM schedule, and practice of the English language.  We were blessed.

Here's what one of them said about her time here.....
"Street LIFE Ministries was a good experience for me. When I came I did not know what to expect, did not know God’s plans. It was a great time with my team, I got to know the girls better and they are amazing.  I believe I have learned more about submission, sharing and living in "community".  I have learned things here that I will take with me my whole life. It feels good to be with people who bring us closer to God. My heart is filled with love and being at SLM changed the way I see things now. 

Gaby and Anna
Thank you all for this opportunity. David and Robin are so beautiful to see the way you dedicate all your time to serve Jesus. I’m really grateful for the experience I had here."

Dressed in Red - A Prayer for a Burger New Year's Eve Outreach

Dressed in Red

A New Year's Eve Outreach testimony from Jeff....

"One of my favorite conversations was with a homeless man named Edward who was all dressed in red and said, 'Just because he's homeless doesn't mean he couldn't look his best for God.' He has such a joy and smile that encouraged me even though I came to encourage him." 

A Prayer for a Burger

Sue shares her story....."When we were at Tompkins Square Park There was a line waiting for McDonald's to hand out burgers.  David told Sanchia and me to go work the line.  We started talking to a guy, prayed for him, and as we were finishing up, he got really nervous.  He ran up to the burger line and they told him they just ran out.  When Sanchia saw what happened, she started praying that his needs would be met.  Just then they called him back and gave him a burger.  Immediate answered prayer!"

Friday, December 14, 2018

Tragic Fall on 40th Road

Her street name was SiSi but she was known to her parents as Song Yang.  The day after Thanksgiving last year, she plummeted to her death from a third story massage parlor to avoid being arrested.  One Saturday, God arranged a divine appointment when Song Yang’s mother came up to the Flushing Prayer Station.  She and her son traveled from China desperate to find answers about their loved one’s senseless death.  Sobbing uncontrollably at times, she was absolutely devastated.  Song Yang’s death may have gone unnoticed by society but she is precious in God’s sight and certainly to her family.

That’s why Beautiful One exists because the Lord goes after “the one”.  Since 2013, the Beautiful One team has been visiting immigrant women working in massage parlors around Flushing.  The team consists of only a handful of individuals, some from SLM and other volunteers from different churches and organizations that can offer help. 

One theme is common in each of the conversations with the ladies we visit – they came to the United States to earn a living and have a better life.  Many leave their families – their children, their husbands – and travel thousands of miles to end up in a massage parlor, selling their bodies.  Some women accumulate a large debt to come here and have a limited chance to make enough money to pay it back.  Others have been deceived by someone they know or someone from their hometown that there is a “great opportunity” to make lots of money.  They end up working 6-7 days a week, 10-12 hour days, sometimes through the night.  There is limited time to make friends, see the sites of New York City, and even attend church.

That encounter with Song Yang’s mother and brother brought the realty and necessity of the Beautiful One outreach. The ladies in the massage parlors are in a serious position.  How can we be there for them?  How can we build trust so they can seek assistance if they need it?  How can other tragedies like this be avoided?  No woman should ever have to feel that selling her body for sex is the only way she can survive.

We encourage you to read this gripping story of Song Yang’s life.  The Case of Jane Doe Ponytail:   

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Encounter with a Searching Muslim

At our usual spot with the Prayer Station, a young man approached the table. 

“Do you have something that I can read about Christianity?”  I offered him a Gospel of John and he was happy to receive it. 

Then he began to tell his story.  He is Muslim but he has many questions about whether it is the truth or not.  It turns out some in his family are Muslim and others are Christian.  Many a family meal times revolve around which is the right way.  This young man confessed he is trying to figure it out for himself.  He’s visited churches, read Christian materials and the Koran, and asked questions. 

“I just want to believe the truth,” he admitted.  We talked some about the deity of Jesus; Muslims only believe Jesus is one of their prophets.  We also discussed how the Koran and the Bible are not the same. 

When our conversation came to a close, he walked away with a growing desire to know more about Jesus and Christianity. 

In New York City, we have many opportunities to reach people with different belief systems and religions.  God’s heart is for all peoples to know Him; this is a perfect place to spread this message.