Disaster Relief

There is call to action when disaster strikes and through the years our Mobile Resource Center has served as a vehicle to those in need. Equipped with a truck full of soup, food and drink, we go in compassion desiring to meet disaster victims with practical and spiritual needs. Street LIFE Ministries has been privileged to be a part of the solution during the 9/11 World Trade Center Crisis and Hurricane Sandy. We make ourselves available to respond to any disaster that affects our region. 

Just like everybody knows where they were when Kennedy was shot, everybody in New York knows where they were when the planes hit. Tuesday September 11th 2001 will for always be a day of remembrance for us. We heard the news about the first plane, then the second hit - from that moment we were glued to the television. Our subways were shut down, the bridges and tunnels to Manhattan were closed off, the phone lines shut down. We witnessed people jumping off the twin towers and then the collapse. We heard about eight planes being hijacked and we only knew the whereabouts of four that landed. Many people in New York were afraid every time they heard a plane because of the four missing planes. People in the streets were talking to each other, telling of their fears and shock. Read More

Our region has been devastated by what came to be known as Superstorm Sandy. Flooding, downed trees and power lines, millions without electricity, and at least 40 dead in NYC alone characterize some of the aftermath. While we are giving thanks and praise to the Lord that none of our staff members or property was harmed, we are also grieving for those around us who have lost homes, family members, and more. We have been making trips to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Far Rockaway, where many continue to lack even the most basic necessities. With temperatures dropping and supplies low, the soup, hot chocolate, toiletries, blankets, and coats have been most welcome gifts. Read More

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