Friday, October 23, 2015

Helping Linda

One day at Tompkins Square Park, Linda was looking through the clothing at the clothing table.  She shared with Amy and I that she finally got her own apartment after being in the shelter with her son for several years.  She mentioned she’s been looking for furniture but it was hard for her to pick it up since she doesn’t have a car and she was in need of a table, a chair, and a sofa.

“Really?  We may be able to help with that.  Could I get your contact information?”  I knew of a table, some chairs, and a loveseat that just became available the day before.  I was feeling the tug on my heart to try and do something to help.  But it seemed like a long shot since she lives in Brooklyn and we’re in Queens... but thankfully, it worked out! We were able to bring the furniture over the next day. When we told her we were coming, she began to tear up. She could not hide her gratitude.

Knowing that Linda was in need of more than just furniture, we put together a few bags of dry goods, produce, and toiletries. We packed all the food, gifts, and furniture in the van and went to her apartment. She was elated at our arrival and was pleasantly surprised by the extra gifts. It turned out that she had just ran out of deodorant and their food supply was scarce. She loved the table, the chairs, and the sofa, and we were able to set it up for her right away. There was also an extra futon mattress that we brought for her son's bed along with a few pillows.

Meeting Linda was certainly a divine appointment, and God's timing in bringing us together was perfect. She's been through a lot the past few years and all of her struggles really challenged her faith in God and her confidence in the Church. However, we believe that through these simple acts of love and generosity God is beginning to remind her of His faithfulness.