Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Be One to Reach One: Lord of the Harvest

Wednesday afternoons are times of prayer and fasting at Street LIFE Ministries.  We engage our Father in conversation and petitions to send His church to reach those on the streets of New York City.  Often, our requests are that people will hear the call and with deep conviction, come to be the ones to go after the one (#B12Reach1).

Stephanie heard that call all the way from the cornfields of Ohio.  The Lord was speaking NYC to her.  In her own words, she wrote “Late winter the Lord clearly spoke to me that I was to go to Street LIFE this summer.  Wisely I chose to say yes and prepared to write David to ask when I could come.  I received an email that very day from David asking if we were bringing a team!  That was confirmation.”  At the end of the trip, she wrote about it this way, “This week my prayer was answered several ways.  My heart was filled up as I was able to minister with my team and observe THEM being in different places loving people and counting on God to guide them.  What a joy!”

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What Are The Odds?

With all the millions of people in this city, what are the odds that I would run into one of the few people I actually got to speak with at the Gay Pride Parade last year? Was it a coincidence? No, it could only be described as a “God thing”, and that’s exactly what it turned out to be!

Since we had such a good conversation with them last year, our team decided to go over and talk with them. Thankfully they remembered us too! We spent some time catching up and they filled us in on that had happened over the past year. Then, as they were about to leave, I asked if I could pray with them. They gladly accepted. When I inquired what specifically they needed prayer for, they both got quiet and very serious. Then one of them broke the silence saying, “Please pray for my boyfriend’s family situation. It’s not good and he’s going through a rough time.” The other agreed and added, “Yes, please pray for my mental health.” It was clear that he was not doing well. He had shared a little about his home life, his negligent parents, and his struggle with depression. We could see that this was a young man who had come to view himself as worthless after many years of being rejected by his family.  

I bowed my head and began to pray over them right there on the street corner. I prayed for God to bless them with the knowledge of Him and lead them into a deeper understanding of the love of God displayed in the cross of Jesus Christ. I asked the Lord to show them how valuable they are; that they were valuable enough to die for! After I finished praying I lifted my head. The young man who had looked so despondent now had a huge smile on his face. His countenance had completely changed in that short moment of prayer. We believe that God’s GREATER LOVE made an impression on him that night. We exchanged contact information and expect to see them again sometime soon.

An Unlikely Meeting Place

A quick bathroom break actually turned into a divine appointment with Vanessa*. Gintare (one of our volunteers) happened to have gift bag with her, which she presented to one of the dancers in the bathroom.  “Can you pray for me?” Vanessa asked Gintare. This somewhat secluded meeting place away from the rest of the dancers allowed more freedom for Vanessa to share openly.  It was evident that she didn’t have many people to talk to and she said that it was just what she needed.

Vanessa shared much of her personal pain and struggles as a young mother, along with how she really felt about dancing. “I don’t want to do this forever. Nobody wants to do this forever.  I’d rather do this now so my daughter won’t have to someday.”

Afterward, our team marveled at how God had led us to Vanessa. We literally prayed before going out that He would direct us to the “one” He would have us each talk to. Vanessa was also one of the first ladies, if not the first, that asked us for prayer. And the opportunity to talk one-on-one with her in the bathroom made it much easier for her to open up about personal things, which rarely happens in the dressing room. This was indeed a divine appointment, and we are praying that Vanessa will remember what she heard and the love she received.

*name changed for privacy