Thursday, June 26, 2014

God Answered Robert's Prayers

A few weeks ago, Bobby and Jess met a man named Robert who came up to the Prayer Station in Flushing. He explained how he wanted prayer for his anger issues. At this point, he shared that he didn’t when have a job and that he kept losing his jobs because of his anger issues.  The next week, he saw them out there again and stopped to let them know that three days after they prayed for him, he got a new job! Bobby asked him if he could pray for him again and what he needed prayer for. Robert said he was having problems with a man at his job that had been bullying him. Bobby prayed for peace and joy for him and for the bullying to stop. Robert came back to the Prayer Station the following week and told them that, once again, their prayers were answered! The man who was bullying him was transferred to another department. Robert exclaimed, “When I pray with you guys, something good always happens!” It is such a joy to hear that prayers are being answered in such a specific and tangible way. Please pray for Robert, that as his prayers are answered, his faith in who God is and his own relationship with Him would be built up and deepen beyond what He has ever known before.

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