Friday, December 12, 2014

Staying Indefinitely

This year got off to a good start when one of our interns, Ryan Haines, decided to stay indefinitely. In June 2013 Ryan came to serve with us after graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in commercial music. He came because he genuinely wanted to learn more about missions and evangelism so that he would be more prepared to share his faith in the music industry, but God had other intentions for Ryan:

"I knew that if God called me to join Street LIFE Ministries, then I couldn't leave until God permitted me to do so. This is exactly how the Israelites traveled after they were delivered from Egypt. 'At the Lord's command they encamped and at the Lord's command they set out.' God has more for me to learn and more for me to contribute here at Street LIFE Ministries. I'm excited for what lies ahead!"

We are blessed to know that Ryan will be here long-term. He is passionate about the Word of God and this led him to start a Bible study for the men in our community. Ryan has also become our resident music teacher, using the musical training that he received in college to help develop the skills of the musicians on our worship team. Ryan's work ethic and zeal for the things of God have enriched our community and we are glad to have him here with us. 

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  1. God have blessed Ryan with Wisdom and Love for God's Word. He is teaching a group of us on Sunday's mornings about Faith and Obedience to God, based on Scriptures, right now we are studying 1 and 2 Samuel. May God continue blessing Ryan for his music and knowledge of Scriptures.