Thursday, August 13, 2015

Testimonies From Brazil

Our mission trip to Brazil is one of the biggest highlights of every summer. This was our seventeenth time going to Brazil and we have no intention of stopping any time soon. Every night we take to the streets and spread the good news through worship, dramas, preaching, and prayer.

David putting shoes on homeless man's feet
One night we had the privilege of joining a local homeless ministry to bring soup and the gospel to those living on the streets. When we arrived at our ministry location, there was a man laying on the sidewalk using the curb as his pillow. During our time of worship, David went over to pray for him. While they were talking, he felt the Lord tell him to give him his socks and shoes. He politely declined, but David insisted. With great appreciation he accepted the offer. After the exchange a few of our team members spent some quality time with him in prayer. The man was extremely blessed to have received such practical and spiritual support during this difficult time in his life.

Sherilyn with two street girls from the slums
Sherilyn, a young girl from Ohio, shared the following testimony from our night of worship and evangelism at the town square. "A woman came to me and, through a translator, I found out that she had attempted suicide the day before and felt lost and confused about God and her life. I grabbed her head and prayed that God would show her just how much He loves her. After that and watching The Puppet Master (the drama), she turned to me and said, "I'm Free", and for me, that was such a blessing. Brazil is a wonderful place and I can't wait to return!"

This year's trip was Beth's first time ever being involved with missions or evangelism. Though she didn't know what to expect during her time in Brazil, God blessed her for her obedience with a life-changing experience. "The Lord gave me His eyes and allowed me to see each person I met the way He saw them! My attitudes and approach to others changed. I swallowed a very large humility pill and will make an extra effort to continue seeing people the way Jesus does - looking past the social norms and really looking into someone's eyes and sharing pure unbiased, unconditional love like I have never done before! I want others to walk in this kind of love when I return home. I want others to see a changed person when I return!" Since returning from Brazil, Beth has already gotten involved with local outreaches through her church. It is amazing how one mission trip can have such an impact on a person's life. Praise God!

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