Friday, September 18, 2015

Asking For the Nations!

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, 
the ends of the earth your possession.”
 - Psalm 2:8 -

New York City is the "City of Nations". In our own backyard there are many who have never heard the Gospel. Here at Street LIFE Ministries it is our constant prayer that God would open up opportunities to share with people from different ethnic groups. During Worship Warfare Week one of our staff members, Amy Wong, got to see God answer that prayer. Here's the story in her words:

"During Worship Warfare Week, an elderly Chinese lady came up to the Prayer Station asking for a book of prayer. She shared that her grandson had been going to church after school and was coming home praying. She inquired why we ended our prayers with “Amen” and wanted to understand how to pray. Through my broken Chinese and Google translate, I was able to explain how prayer is our way of communicating to God and how as Christians we end our prayers with “amen” because it meant we we're in agreement. I gave her a Gospel of John in Chinese and was able to point her to the prayer for salvation in front of the book, explaining that she could read the tract and if she wanted to she could pray that for herself. She thanked me for the explanation and shared how grateful she was to understand and be able to explain that to her grandson. Personally, I came away from that encounter encouraged, believing that God is hearing our prayers for the nations and giving them as our inheritance (Psalm 2:8).  Please continue praying that we would have more encounters like this!"

Amy sharing with woman who has never heard the good news

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