Monday, April 24, 2017

"Every Day of Our Lives can be an Outreach"

It's not uncommon for God to change people's perspectives during their time at Street LIFE Ministries. On our most recent team, a girl named Amanda had one such experience. She met a man named Isaac at the Prayer Station who she described as "overflowing with the love of God". He came up to them, blessed them, and started sharing the gospel with people who were standing by the table. He wanted everybody to hear about Jesus, and he was so excited to see young people out on the streets sharing the gospel. 

Amanda's team from Ohio
Amanda reported, "Even though he desperately wanted us to pray for him and I was the one on the missions trip, I think that Isaac had a way bigger, life-changing impact on me than I did on him. That was huge to me." Due to this experience she testified, "One important thing that God showed me on this trip is that everyday of our lives can be an outreach. We don't have to go on some trip because we never know how we are affecting people around us with the small things we do." 

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