Friday, May 19, 2017

God Has Not Forgotten Them

"No one from the Church has ever come to visit us before." Coming from one of the ladies who worked in the massage parlor, we knew the Lord was leading us to the right place as we prayed prior to entering.  Implicit in her statement was the notion that she had been isolated from the religious community due to her line of work.  Yet our presence and the simple gift bag filled with candies and lotion was enough to show her how much God loves her.
By breaking through stigmas and kindly initiating friendships with these women, we have the tremendous opportunity to share Jesus with women who have almost completely been forgotten - even forgotten by the Church. But God has not forgotten these women. In fact, He sees them every moment of every day. He has the hair on their heads numbered, He even knows when they sit and when they rise. Beautiful One, Street LIFE Ministries’ outreach to women in the sex industry, continues to be a picture of His tremendous love and care for each woman. In 2016 we went approximately 30 times to various massage parlors and strip clubs, giving out more than 1,000 gifts to the men and women who work there. We thank you for all your support and prayers that help make this ministry possible.

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