Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Big Difference of a Small Church

Jeanie in the center with the other ladies at The King's Fellowship
Jeanie made The King's Fellowship her home church in November of 2016, and in only one year's time, the Lord has done quite a bit in her life. Though she was raised Catholic, she was born again as a Christian while in college. Since then, she has typically attended larger churches with congregations ranging from 500 to 1,000 members. Though these churches provided her with plenty of good spiritual nourishment and helped her to kick-start walk with God, there were also some setbacks. She explained, "When I was attending larger churches, I would at times find myself 'going through the motions' on a Sunday morning." Jeanie also felt that the large number of people made it easy to get "lost in the crowd", but in a small congregation, like The King's Fellowship, such situations are impossible.

Jeanie and Carol out at the Prayer Station
"I never thought I would see myself attending a very small church, but since being at the King's Fellowship, I've been finding myself regularly involved and really connecting with David, Robin, and the SLM staff. Everyone is really welcoming, which is something I didn't always find in the large corporate settings. It keeps me accountable and there is no 'going through the motions'. It has stretched me in many ways, and it's a good thing."

One of Jeanie's favorite parts of the service is the fellowship meal. It gives her the opportunity to connect with everybody in a setting that makes her feel like she's part of the family. Since attending, Jeanie has been able to serve with SLM in various ministry settings and has even contributed her musical abilities to the worship team. We have certainly been blessed in having her attend!

She concluded by saying: "I have much more joy in my life now than I ever had before. I always look forward to going to The King's Fellowship."


  1. We love having you around, Jeanie!

  2. Thanks so much, Robin! I love being a part of SLM, and enjoy reading the testimony!