Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Shattering the New York City Stereotype

Team from Wyoming for Worship/Warfare Week

"I loved seeing the Lord work in so many cultures, ethnicities, ages, and walks of life.  The New York City stereotype has been shattered for this Wyoming girl.  New York is loved!"   

This is the testimony of one woman named Kay who came to serve with us during Worship/Warfare Week, a week where we take worship to the streets with a full band, face painting for kids, and a prayer station to pray. 

She shares about her time at the Jamaica Bus Depot in Jamaica, Queens. " When we were in the subway, a man with gnarled hands and a weathered face was screaming at everyone who walked by.  The Lord spoke or rustled in me after watching the man for several minutes.  I approached him.  I asked if I could pray with him and he aggressively yelled (incomprehensibly) at me. My husband kept tugging on my arm to let this one go but I wanted him to know he was loved.  I kept listening, nodding, and seeking his humanness in his eyes.  

Finally, the man gave up.  I could only understand very few angry words.  My husband and 13-year-old daughter stopped and prayed right there.  Later that afternoon, we saw him again.  This time there was light in his eyes and a smile on his face.  He pointed to the sky and pounded his heart.  I knew then our prayers gave him peace through the Lord.  I mouthed "YOU ARE LOVED", crossed my hands over my heart and pointed back at him.  Later, at Street LIFE Ministries, I heard stories of others who had reached out as well and spoke to him and witnessed his peace. 

This man will always be an example of something lost
that can be redeemed with faith and prayer.

People listening to the music

Here was David and one of our team helping the man down the stairs

Worshipping at the Bus Depot

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