Friday, May 1, 2020

What's in Your Hands? COVID 19 REALITY

The reality for us here in NYC is there is no end in sight presently. The restrictions continue and change daily (some making it harder to serve) and we are doing the best we can with masks and spacing to serve the vulnerable in New York City.   Our mayor’s edict to spy and call on anyone who they believe are not adhering to the “guidelines” require the police having to go to each place to see if it is a viable issue or complaint. We have found favor with the police in these instances as they see the growing need for food. How can we not help in this time of crisis?

Watch this 3 minute video!         

Personally, for Street LIFE Ministries, it means all our mission teams have canceled for March and April and potentially through all of the summer.  Even yesterday, one of the teams officially canceled instead of rescheduling. We were poised to have our best year in 5 years for teams and volunteers. and as you may or may not know, most of our yearly revenue is generated through the teams that come and serve. Our spring fundraiser in Ohio, along with a church service and FMCI conference is now canceled as well.

We are asking for your prayers, not only to continue but to increase. We need to see a release of $50,000, to see us through summer into fall.  We have applied for additional funding for the Federal PPP loan and grants for food and other supplies to enable us to continue to feed all the men and their families that we have been in these past weeks. We are all aware this is the most difficult time as many are out of work and jobs are few. You may be one of them who has suffered severe loss.  Our hearts and prayers go out to you.  We too have seen both loss of friends as well as a financial loss with our staff, personal and general support for SLM. We have also seen God's supernatural provision to make it through these past two months with every bill paid and on time. HE IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE to all of us!

That’s why we pray and press into God and HIS unlimited resources. IF we pray and obey whatever He says, and give according to revelation, I BELIEVE EVERY NEED SHALL BE MET IN FULL, yours and ours collectively!

When you seek to be blessed to be a blessing, God will surely BLESS!

It’s times like this we get to see what GOD can do with our loaves and fishes, our last oil and meal, or two mites.  When we release them to Him to bless others, there will always be MORE THAN ENOUGH!

God may give you a witty way to help raise awareness and funds for Street LIFE Ministries, as we saw a friend just raised $1,000 on her birthday for a ministry that she liked. Maybe you could do the same? Or some other means, please PRAY and ask. We have seen in the last two months a range of gifts, whether it be $5 or $5,000, and we are grateful.  All that matters is our heart and obedience to God’s voice and leading.

What’s in your hands…. in time, talents, resources? We need volunteers, prayer, and finances. Only when we release from our hands, then God anoints and blesses and opens His hands to meet the needs in full, and often with plenty leftover! We have proved this is true for more than 30 years now, in the most expensive city in America. AMEN!

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