Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 - Hurricane Sandy Update

This February we revisited Far Rockaway in Queens where we served with relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy hit in October of 2013. We went to Sylvia and Mike's home and saw the almost finished work sixteen months later. Through the devastation, repair, and restoration we formed a special relationship with this family. We were overjoyed to see Sylvia and her ten month old Rachel whom she had been pregnant with when we first met her. Sylvia shared honestly how things still don’t feel normal even after all the time that has passed. Having her home flooded and possessions ruined was very traumatic. “I still feel numb about it all. It is very shocking to think that it happened." Unfortunately their home was not fully back to normal either. The stairs were bare and they are currently using a fold up table and chairs in their dining room. Also there were a few areas in the walls that were cut out for electrical work and never repaired. Even with receiving aid from FEMA and their insurance, Sylvia and Mike took a big hit financially and haven’t recovered which adds to the emotional strain. Despite the pain and destruction the storm brought, Sylvia shared with us how she has “never felt this close” to God. She said she still wonders why God sent us to her and her family which opened the door for us to remind her of His faithfulness, commitment and love to her and her family. Through her tears she expressed how thankful she is to the Lord for bringing us together and all the help He provided through Street LIFE Ministries and the teams that served with us. We are very thankful as well! The Lord’s provision of clothing, food, laborers and building materials as well as His grace and mercy were such a testimony to our team and those we were able to reach out to. Thank you for your prayers and giving through that time as well!

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