Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Hug From God

This year's Worship Warfare Week was a glorious time of exalting Jesus publicly and ministering to those gathered in the parks around NYC. At Thursday's outreach in Brooklyn, we met Isabella, who is currently homeless and was facing some rough circumstances just that morning. She had texted her sister to vent her frustrations, and her sister recommended that she take a walk through park saying, "Enjoy the fresh air, God is going to give you a hug in the park." Her sister had no idea that we were there worshipping that day. In the park she met a few team members who escorted her over to the prayer station. Robin listened as she poured out her heart, then she felt an urge to give her a hug. Isabella, looking incredulous, pulled out her phone and showed Robin the text from her sister saying that God was going to give her a hug! We are so moved by how God met Isabella in her moment of great need and answered our prayers to draw people into the parks during Worship Warfare Week who need a touch from Him. It is an honor to allow Jesus to hug the lost and hurting through us on the streets of NYC!

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