Monday, October 27, 2014

Jaime's Story

Some of the Men at Tompkins Square Park
Several weeks ago Jaime stopped by the Mobile Resource Center to speak to a few of our staff members. During their conversation Jaime confided in them, acknowledging that he had a drinking problem and had been struggling with alcoholism for most of his adult life. He told them that he was sick of drinking and he wanted to stop but was never able to give it up. They prayed over him for God to break this cycle of addiction and to give him the grace to walk away from his drinking habits.

The next week, when we came back to the park, Jaime was back and he seemed very eager to tell us what happened to him during the week. The day after we prayed over him, he was hanging out with his buddies, and they started drinking again as usual. When they invited Jaime to join them, he didn’t want to. They kept pestering him to drink but as they tried to entice him he remembered our time of prayer. He told us, “I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t drink anymore.” He quickly removed himself from that situation, and by leaning on the Lord he successfully overcame the temptation that had enslaved him for years! It’s been about three weeks since all this happened, and he has been completely sober the entire time.

Beyond the sobriety, we’ve noticed additional changes in Jaime. Every time we see him now he praises God for the transformation that has taken place in him. He routinely reads the Word and has a great desire to understand what scripture teaches. He has come to King’s Fellowship and is even looking to find other churches in his area (Manhattan) with Bible studies that he can attend regularly. Though he is still trying to find housing, he recently got a job as a cook and is no longer unemployed! During our most recent conversation with Jaime, he placed his hand over his heart and told one of our staff members, “It feels different in here.” God has clearly done a work in Jaime’s life and we look forward to helping him grow in his new-found relationship with Jesus. Please join us in praying for him!

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