Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sharing Jesus With Joseph

Joseph is a homeless man who is usually closed off to conversation about the gospel, but this week things were different. He came to the park lamenting about his living situation and began his usual rant about how nobody can really know God. Ryan reassured him that this was not true, and that the whole reason Jesus came to earth was to reveal who God is and to make reconciliation with God possible. As the discussion continued, Ryan also let Joseph know that, not only is it possible to know God, but that God already knows us completely. He shared about how Jesus spent portions of his life as a homeless man (even without a bed to sleep on) and that Jesus had seen every moment of Joseph's life and could relate with his current situation. Joseph had never heard these things about Jesus before, and by the end of the conversation his attitude had changed and he was very grateful for the talk. 

We've been praying for Joseph a lot lately. It looks like God is beginning to open the door for the gospel in his life!  

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