Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beautiful Moments in Beautiful One

God continues to move in powerful ways through Beautiful One! We recently welcomed a new member, Jillian D'Angelo, to our outreach team. She has a passion to reach the hurting in all walks of life and is a great asset to our team. It is exciting to see the Lord pulling together a like-minded team with genuine hearts to love and serve women who are being sexually exploited in NYC. Last month we had the joy of ministering to a woman in a massage parlor who had only heard the Gospel once before in her life! She showed incredible hunger to hear what Jesus had done for her and smiled repeatedly as we shared testimonies of how His love has changed our lives. After spending over an hour with her, we prayed together and she said, "I feel different, like lighter!" The following Sunday, which happened to be Easter, she accompanied our translator to a Chinese church service and was very touched by the presence of the Lord! This month's strip club outreach also had some beautiful moments, one in which we were able to be there for a woman on her first night back after not stripping for some time. She was encouraged by our love and presence there on what was a very difficult night for her. One club which we were not able to get into last time allowed us in, and at another we were given access to VIP parking any time we come! It continually amazes us to watch both God's favor and His everlasting love at work in the lives of all those who work at the clubs and massage parlors. Please keep those we are reaching in your prayers!

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