Wednesday, November 28, 2018

School Returns for 10th Year in a Row

Each year students from Troy Christian School in Ohio have the opportunity to take a class trip to serve at Street LIFE Ministries.  Here is some of what they learned this year in their own words:

"God showed up on this trip while we prayed.  Before this trip, I would pray just because I had to.  Now I understand more of the meaning of prayer and that prayer is not just talking but believing."

"This trip this year, taught me about humility and relying on God's strength through all of it.  SLM has always been a place that I see God show up time and time again.  I know I must rely on His strength; it is challenging and grows me up.  I leave with the fire of the Holy Spirit, showing me again the power of prayer and I'm forever grateful for my times here."

"I watched a team of students show up in New York City with fear and nervousness but leave with Spirit-empowered boldness and courage.  God really gifted this group with love, compassion, and His power.  They responded by blessing all they encountered." -from a team leader

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