Thursday, December 13, 2018

Encounter with a Searching Muslim

At our usual spot with the Prayer Station, a young man approached the table. 

“Do you have something that I can read about Christianity?”  I offered him a Gospel of John and he was happy to receive it. 

Then he began to tell his story.  He is Muslim but he has many questions about whether it is the truth or not.  It turns out some in his family are Muslim and others are Christian.  Many a family meal times revolve around which is the right way.  This young man confessed he is trying to figure it out for himself.  He’s visited churches, read Christian materials and the Koran, and asked questions. 

“I just want to believe the truth,” he admitted.  We talked some about the deity of Jesus; Muslims only believe Jesus is one of their prophets.  We also discussed how the Koran and the Bible are not the same. 

When our conversation came to a close, he walked away with a growing desire to know more about Jesus and Christianity. 

In New York City, we have many opportunities to reach people with different belief systems and religions.  God’s heart is for all peoples to know Him; this is a perfect place to spread this message.

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