Friday, April 11, 2014

From One Regular to Another

One year ago, I sat and talked with Jose, who is one of our regulars at Tompkins Square Park.  I don’t remember much about our conversation but he reminds me often, “You told me that I need to be around other believers and I was in a place to actually hear it that day.”  Since that dialogue, God began doing a new thing in his life!  Even his co-workers noticed a change in him.  I was shocked when he told me he left a place of his own to live on the streets in order to remove himself from a negative environment, but also proud of him because he was taking a big step in his walk with God.  For the last few months, he has been faithfully attending a church near the park and has been truly growing as a believer. 

As a result of what God is doing in Jose’s life, other lives are being affected too.  He has been long time friends with Smiley, another one of our regulars at Tompkins Square Park.  Jose talks with him often about making some changes in his life, and Smiley has even attended church with Jose the last two weeks.  For the first time, I also had a deep conversation with Smiley about the Lord in which he listened carefully and asked good questions.  He mentioned how Jose has been talking with him and he is realizing that something needs to shift.  It is a powerful thing for Smiley to watch God move in the life of someone he’s known for a long time who has faced similar challenges as himself. We are believing that as God continues to work in Jose, his testimony will touch many lives of those on the streets and help draw them to Jesus!

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