Friday, April 11, 2014

Beautiful One - First Outreach to the Strip Clubs

Beautiful One's first ever outreach to strip clubs last month was incredible! God answered our prayers for favor with the bouncers and managers, and we were able to go inside each club we visited. We personally wrapped and delivered 75 red roses, candy, and cards to women at 3 different clubs. The night before outreach, Mary Anna had a dream that we would meet a woman in a parking lot on her way to work and she would be so blessed by receiving her gift that it would give us even greater favor at that club. As we were leaving the first place, we saw a woman getting out of her car to go into work. When we gave her the flower and candy, the look on her face said, "This is exactly what I needed tonight," then she proceeded to hug Gintare. At another club, we gave a female bouncer her gift, and a huge smile came over her face and she emphatically told the other bouncers that she wanted to be the one to lead us to the dressing room! These are just a few examples of many ladies we saw that night who were blessed to hear that there are people praying for them and thinking of them.

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