Friday, April 11, 2014

Visiting Rich in the Hospital

Our long-time friend, Rich Degan, had to go into the hospital earlier this month when he woke up with an excessively swollen left arm. The doctors found that the swelling and the pain were caused by a blood clot near his bicep and the next day they performed surgery and successfully remove the clot. They kept Rich in the hospital a few days after the surgery to monitor him and make sure everything was going well. On his last day in the hospital, Bobby and I went to visit him and bring him some of his favorite vegan food and while we waited for his discharge papers and prescriptions, we talked and joked around with him. He was so blessed to have us come visit him and he was thrilled about the food. He hated the hospital food. Once he was cleared to leave, we packed up all his stuff and then transported him over to his apartment and hooked him up with some extra groceries so that he wouldn’t have to worry about shopping for a while. He hasn’t had very good experiences in the past with hospitals so our visit really helped to clear his mind and put a big smile on his face.

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