Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aldo's First Prayer Station

Our good friend Aldo Alvarez joined us for his first ever prayer station outreach this month! When we met Aldo at the Flushing Prayer Station last fall, he was not walking with God but he was inquiring of us about spiritual matters. Since that time he has come to know the Lord and now he's passionate about studying his Bible and sharing the Gospel. Though nervous, Aldo was zealous on the street as he approached the people walking by. He said, "This is amazing! I feel like one of the first Apostles... This must have been what it was like for the early church going out and sharing the Gospel with the people in Athens and Ephesus." This experience only  fueled Aldo's fire and passion for Jesus and he intends to join us for more outreaches in the future. We have been so blessed to watch Aldo grow in the Lord. He met us on the streets, got right with God,  and now he's going back out on the streets sharing God with others!

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