Monday, February 4, 2019

Dressed in Red - A Prayer for a Burger New Year's Eve Outreach

Dressed in Red

A New Year's Eve Outreach testimony from Jeff....

"One of my favorite conversations was with a homeless man named Edward who was all dressed in red and said, 'Just because he's homeless doesn't mean he couldn't look his best for God.' He has such a joy and smile that encouraged me even though I came to encourage him." 

A Prayer for a Burger

Sue shares her story....."When we were at Tompkins Square Park There was a line waiting for McDonald's to hand out burgers.  David told Sanchia and me to go work the line.  We started talking to a guy, prayed for him, and as we were finishing up, he got really nervous.  He ran up to the burger line and they told him they just ran out.  When Sanchia saw what happened, she started praying that his needs would be met.  Just then they called him back and gave him a burger.  Immediate answered prayer!"

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