Monday, February 4, 2019

Trust Me for an Early Inheritance

God Answers - 2017 Chevrolet 12 Passenger Van

During a 5 day fast, last Nov, the Lord spoke to David’s heart to TRUST HIM FOR AN EARLY INHERITANCE!  Not knowing what this fully meant, he immediately started praying.   "Lord, I am trusting You now to release an early inheritance to Street LIFE Ministries for your Kingdom.  I pray that someone will receive an early inheritance and make a gift to SLM, In Jesus Name." 

Within a few days, one of our long term supporters messaged David and asked him what our needs were at this time.  

Proud Recipient of a 2017 Chevrolet 12 Passenger Van
He shared some of our needs, one major one was a newer passenger van for SLM.  Our mechanic had been telling us for a while that our old one was very rusted out underneath and all 4 of our brake lines had rusted through this summer.  They also tore apart the van to try to fix the air conditioner and in the end, could not even find the part to get it working.  He managed to get the heat working at least.  So, this was something bigger than what we could afford and we started lifting that need up before the Lord. the conversation between this donor and David, WE RECEIVED A BLESSING.  The individual said they had come into an early inheritance and wanted to give toward the van that we needed.  The following week, we had a team from Ohio who rented a beautiful 12 passenger white van that happened to be for sale.  We received our miracle van!  You can trust the Lord who hears our prayers and moves upon the hearts of others who also may be praying and He answers!!!

Our old van which we found buyers
who were willing to fix it.
Our thanks go to the Lord and this donor for sowing into the Kingdom here in NYC! We also prayed that the right family would get the old one, and fix it and use it. (only had 38 K miles) God brought a family of 14 in total need, he was a mechanic and they came from PA, and bought it in less than 24 hours after we put on CL!!!

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