Friday, December 20, 2019

The Gospel is Free

Each time we do outreach for the women in the massage parlors, there is a sense of anticipation of what God will do.  It is quite unpredictable. Sometimes it will be one conversation that goes extremely well.  Other times each place we go is happy to receive us.  Then there are nights where doors are shut and no one wants to talk.  No matter what happens the Lord is working – through our prayer and obedience to GO.  

On a recent outreach, our team noticed a new massage parlor.  We decided to visit and see what would happen.  When we walked in, a woman greeted us.  “We are from the church and we have gifts for you!”  She was happy about it and invited us to sit.  After a few minutes of chatting and learning more about her, a man who works there came into the room.  He gave us each a cup of water and sat down with us.  

We asked, “Do you go to church?”  He said he did not and then he had a few questions of his own.  “Do you have to pay something to go to church?  Do you have to know the Bible to go to church?”  His questions were so innocent.  “Have you heard about Jesus?” we asked.  “No,” he said.  At that moment, we had the joy of sharing a portion of the Gospel with him.  

He listened intently.  We invited him to church and gave him a Gospel of John.  We found out that he just came to America three months ago.  As our conversation was drawing to a close, we offered to pray with him.  He was not ready yet to pray himself but allowed us to pray for him. The Lord definitely opened the door into this new place.  And we have found out that he has visited the Chinese Church several times already. 

Watch Law & Order SVU S21 E7 Counselor, It's Chinatown for a real-life depiction of human trafficking through massage parlors here in NYC.  Here's a link:

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